Each Day

Each day we are alive becomes a story for tomorrow. No matter what happens in the day you are writing a story with how you spend your time. Whether it’s a difficult conversation at work, an afternoon adventure, an evening at the park, or a bonfire with friends- each significant moment becomes a story. Shelby and I have had lots of time to talk as we hike, drive, or eat meals together. One of our favorite things to do is to remember stories of old- of when we were younger, previous road trips taken, or funny things that happened with our friends. These moments are important, these memories shape who we become or, better yet, who we are becoming. These stories define relationships, unite friends, and create something beautiful that uniquely binds someone to a moment in time.


This is the reason Shelby and I are such believers of getting out and doing something unordinary. Going down the unfamiliar road, heading to somewhere you’ve never been before, exploring your neighborhood, or getting to know someone new. These possibly minor experiences become stories that get shared, passed on, and often create laughter. Now, I don’t consider myself to be a very dynamic storyteller- I’m not dramatic enough for that, but I want to live a story-worthy life. I want yesterday’s story to teach me something about tomorrow. I hope my today makes someone else laugh, cry, or be inspired to do something noteworthy. Because I believe all our stories are bound together like a journal still being written. And our pages unite us in one big narrative that is filled with hope and wonder.


The other day we snuck into a beach resort to surf some waves bigger than I’ve ever surfed before. Then we headed to a National Park we had no information about just because it had a cool name (Kejimkujik National Park). Not every day needs or can or should be this spontaneous, but it is important that everyone once in awhile go for a walk down a new trail, explore a new end of town, or jump in some cold water. If no other reason than to make a great story. Because there is a reason to live a story-worthy life. I can think of a host of people who have gone before me who have lived a story-worthy life. Whether it’s moving into a not so nice neighborhood, to be good neighbors, or going all in on a dream or a passion that draws everybody in or conquering a personal fear. These people inspire me, they make me want to live a story-worthy life.


Now I fear writing this because I don’t want to come off arrogant or like we have this thing figured out.  I don’t want to communicate that everyone needs to quit their jobs and buy a bus so they can do cool things. I don’t believe that for one minute. But we want this project, this journey, this year to mean something. We want it to a have a purpose and we want it to cause people to pause and think about their own lives and to have the fullest of life. As a good friend said, this is our ‘road less traveled’- what’s yours?  Our hope is that we can encourage others to take a chance, to try new things, and to explore new places while learning something along the way. We don’t have it figured out and we probably have more question marks than periods when it comes to this journey, but we believe that we’ve gotta go for it and we think others should too!

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