What a journey it’s been already. Lots of late nights, frustrating moments, research,and a crap-ton of YouTube videos–but we are nearing move-in day and our little home is just about ready for us.


The bus conversion has been exciting and thrilling as well as exhausting and difficult. We’ve spent hours having a million conversations with different people getting their opinions, expertise, and wisdom.  This has truly been my favorite part of the project.  I typically enjoy problem solving and learning on my own, but working with friends who are experts in various trades has been amazing. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything and would say I’m pretty mediocre at a lot of things–a fact I’m okay with.  So having the opportunity to learn different woodworking techniques,  electrical troubleshooting, mechanical intricacies, and a host of other fun/not-so-fun things has been a joy.


It’s crazy to think 6 months ago this bus had no floor and you could see through the bottom to the ground. It looked like a rusted up mess. But slowly and surely, with every step taking twice as long and being twice as tricky, we are wrapping things up and moving in. I know the conversion is not done, and may never be done. I imagine it will always be a work in progress, not unlike Shelby and me. We’re never really done and that’s okay.


Something I learned about myself is that I struggle to really plan out something that’s going to be picture perfect. I am much more likely to just start putting pieces together and see if it works. Some like to map everything out and have everything ready to go before they start (probably a much more efficient way to do it). Others like to talk about all the ways you could do something (it’s great to have perspective). But for whatever reason I found that I like to just start and see where it goes. Like most things in life I don’t have to have all the boxes checked or i’s dotted before I try something. I’ve found that you rarely really find all the answers beforehand anyways, so why not just try. I’d rather jump in and see where it takes me.


Shelby and I got married at 21 and had no idea what we were doing. We started leading the youth ministry at our church, just hoping to tell some kids about Jesus and not lose anyone. We had a baby almost a year ago–when I had never even changed a diaper! If I had a plan mapped out in my head at age 18, I don’t think I would have ever imagined this, but I could not ask for a more full life.  


Sometimes maps and plans are good, but in my experience it’s just better to just start putting some pieces together and see what you come up with or to get in the car (or bus) and start driving. Know that you probably won’t have all the answers and that’s quite alright.


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