Once this was just a  dream, a passion for the outdoors. Wanderlust pulsed through our veins. Wondering, fearing, dreaming about what’s out there. Dirt trails, campfires, and some mythic sense of freedom. Once, that dream was just a moment of “this could be a thing”, the rest was history. We were hooked. Research, Craigslist, Youtube videos, and reading every last blog on vanlife. It was like a drug and we were hooked on making this a reality.


Flash forward almost a year later and here we sit- working on a beautiful organic farm in Tennessee. Where the goats and the cows roam free. The smell of truly fresh flowers and simply wild- like what you pay your clothes to smell like- but real. We’ve been on the road for about 4 months now. Everyday isn’t a dream, but often we find ourselves saying “is it really Tuesday?” because most days blend together as we find ourselves on some dirt trail, searching for some view, and ending the day around a fire, with books and wine in hand- exhausted and excited to crawl into the cozy little green bus for some shut eye before another rad day.


Today was beautiful. Filled with sunshine, dirt, and a whole lot of joy. Picking weeds is not typically a favorite pastime of mine- but when you are in the sun and the location is pristine and the air is enlivening- pulling weeds is amazing. Just exploring the Yellow Bird Farm, I was reminded that there is something about a place. It is something that has been buzzing in the back of my mind as we have explored all over the east coast. But this place is something special. The air, the art, the landscape. It draws me into what feels like simpler times. It’s beautiful and inviting. The terrain says “come just sit on this rock and enjoy all that is around.” And for once in my narcissistic, self-consumed life, I could just sit and watch the cows in the pasture grazing, the goats making their way to the barn, I could be the small fly on the wall, and I didn’t matter one bit to their existence. It is freeing to sit quietly and just enjoy watching some beautiful animals do their thing.  

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