Life Update!

Well, we have officially been on the road for almost 3 months and it has already been quite the adventure. July and August were filled with soaking up Michigan, with great art shows all over the coast, amazing hikes, and some beautiful weddings with dear friends. It was a great way to finish out the summer months. At the tail end of August we set sail for Ontario, Canada and loved getting to explore Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River that connects to it. We were able to spend some time in French Quebec and explore Old Quebec City which felt like a little taste of Europe. Then, we continued to head northeast for Nova Scotia which was beautiful; Rocky coasts, filled with cool little towns, unique and beautiful boats and some amazing views. From there we continued to make our way down to check out Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. Another amazing national park filled with great hikes, incredible views and lots of natural spaces. We were in love. From there we have continued our way down the east coast and are currently checking out Boston. It has been an amazing journey thus far.


The bus has done pretty well for the most part! It has truly become our home on wheels and it is beginning to feel like that. It’s still filled with all its quirks, things that don’t quite work like you want them to, and is, no matter how you swing it, only 60 square feet. So it’s been good; cozy on rainy nights and warm on cold nights. It’s got everything we need in it, with all of our gear, artwork, and life packed into every square inch. We find that we sweep it out 1,000 times a day, but the beauty is it only takes a second to do. We recently had two days in a row of mechanical issues, different problems each day, both making the bus unable to drive. But with gracious people around, some tinkering, and a few phone calls we are back on the road without breaking the bank! I think we are beginning to break in the bus, and hopefully working out all the kinks still, but we may be always doing that.


And finally our hearts and our spirits are full. Not everyday has been easy, and traveling with a little one can be a challenge, but all in all the journey has been awesome. We have loved getting to spend lots of time together as a family, to explore some new places and terrain, and to be stepping into a grand adventure that we once dreamt up years ago. We have met some really good-hearted people and have enjoyed experiencing a different way of life. And so in the next few weeks we will be continuing to explore the northeast in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and to check out some of Vermont as well. Soon we will continue heading down the east coast for Virginia and eventually North Carolina. Check out some of our pictures of the journey so far! And thanks for following along- more to come soon.

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