LIFE UPDATE!! 3-17-18

Its been a minute since we last updated so for those interested, here it is. We have been hanging out in Southern California a little longer than expected. I don’t know if it is the sunshine, the endless waves, the great people, or just the vibe, but it seems we have been sucked into this vortex that kept pulling us back to the San Diego area. But all in all it has been incredibly wonderful. 

Heres a brief timeline of what has happened over the past month or so.

– Made it to San Diego, caught up with some from friends new and old who live out here. 

– Surfed and enjoyed the beach a lot. 

– Had a few art shows along the California coast

– We were headed to the Mexico Border to go to Baja with some wonderful French Canadians we met, and long story short we were denied access to cross the border (it was so crazy!)

– So back to San Diego for more surf, beach and relaxation (not a bad spot to end up) 

– Then we had a bundle of Michiganders looking for some warmth and wanted to visit!

– The Kregel parents came, rented an RV and hit the road with us for Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain, and California Coast. 

– Some friends from our church in Michigan joined for a week in Encinitas, CA. 

– Then our good friends Brady and Megan hopped on a plane for 48 hours of surfing, beach, fires, food and good laughs. 

 Since then we headed back east for Death Valley and are currently soaking in some warmth and solitude in the desert. Southern California is a wonderful place and we are loving it more and more, but we must move on in this journey and therefore we are headed up the coast. Our nomadic souls are itching again for open road and new destinations. We are headed up for San Francisco and then onto Oregon. With all our visitors we are missing home a little bit and looking forward to being geographically closer to our community, but our circles out here are growing as well. We have stayed connected to our French Canadian friends Frank and Mary, who will hopefully be joining us as we set sail north in search for big trees and new surf breaks. 

So this is our quick catch up. More posts are coming together, but being on the road with an almost two year old has proved to be BUSY. So for now cheers, happy trails and keep finding your own adventure, its worth it. 


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