Our People

As we said goodbye to couple of our closest friends and family a few months ago, we were reminded of the importance of the people we surround ourselves with. We are not silos, but more like a bundle of grapes- all connected, making each other sweeter. Shelby and I, from day one of our relationship, knew we wanted to have an open door policy and that anyone was welcome to come in. We wanted our home to be open to anyone who needed a good meal, a good conversation, or just a good time. And we have been blessed (lucky enough) to have had a goofy bunch of individuals who have said “yes” to that invitation.


As we have grown into becoming parents the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” though cliche, has been more than accurate in our experience. Being parents is a lot of work and is a huge undertaking, but having other people to do it with only makes it richer. We not only enjoy having other people to do life with, we need it. Like fresh air, we need people to speak into our lives. Having a baby has really shaken things up in our life, but when you surround yourself with people who say “yes,” amazing things happen.


And so just as it takes a tribe to raise our sweet Daisy, it took a bundle of brains to make this bus dream a reality. It was a goal of ours to try to bring as many people as we could into the project; to learn from others and to let others be apart of the journey. It was a huge learning curve as we knew very few things about building a bus and it was an awesome opportunity to learn. So we just wanted to say “thank you” to the people who helped make this happen.


So in no particular order:

Thanks to the Cones for endless nights on the cabinets and great early-on adventures in the bus. Thanks to Kailie Heim for sewing our curtains and cushions. Thanks to Kirk Blackmore for the mechanical training and troubleshooting. Thanks to Jordan Ondersma for the help with the electrical work. Thanks to Nick Williams for helping with the paint. Thanks to the Degroots for the free wood. Thanks to our parents for babysitting. Thanks to the Eidenbergers for good company. Thanks to John Vandervelde for helping cut out rusty metal. Thanks to Andy Blackmore for a place to store it in the winter. Thanks to our neighbors for helping us find some parts in a junkyard and letting us keep it in our shared driveway. Thanks to the Vankoeverings for their support and excitement, as well as some troubleshooting wisdom. And thanks to Luke Paul for helping problem solve on installing the solar panels. Thanks Daniel for hauling that spare tire on top of the bus. Thanks Caleb Thompson for our subway tile backsplash. Thanks to Carrie Rodgers for your stoke for the trip. Thanks random craigslist seller for our adventure vehicle, and a cheap price. Thanks Amanda Haadsma for taking in our cats. Thanks Grandma Williams for our outdoor rug and for our bench cushions.  


As you can see, it took a few helping hands and a few people who said “yes” to this adventure of the bus and to being our friends. We LITERALLY could not have done this without them. I think my natural tendency is to walk with my head down and think I can things on my own- but nothing has brought me more joy and success than when I have let someone else wiser and smarter speak into my life and help me where I need it. So thanks friends and family, for saying “yes.”  


The past couple days we had the joy of getting together with some family in West Virginia. There is something so sweet about reconnecting and sharing stories together- going on adventures and sharing meals that was a delightful taste of home. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our parents, and were once again reminded of the bliss of connecting with our people.

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