The Deep Blue

Cool, wet fog rests a top the deep blue.
The sea always moving, wrapping around each rock that stands firm in the water below.
Cliffs weave themselves all along this broken and beautiful coastline.
The constant rushing sound of waves bouncing off the rocks- people pay to hear this.
The sun peaks out from the mountains behind, beginning to burn the grey away.
Kelp litter the deep blue, reminding me its alive down there.
I am just a spectator in this place.
There are inhabitants that have danced with these waves much longer than I.
No I just come to watch, to listen, to see, to breathe.
There is nothing I add to this great mystery.
For this deep blue existed far before I ever stepped foot,
and will yet again crash along this rocky coast long past I lay rest.
Its seen it all and back again.
Though harsh and violent at times, this morning it speaks peace.
There is something holy about standing at the doorway of a vast openness.
It keeps me honest and humble.
For there is something much bigger than I
and it is a shame to not take a moment and to listen to what it has to say.
Big Sur, CA


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