There is something about a place that draws us in. Whether the way the rocks and the trees seem to intertwine with each other, or the beauty of water in a babbling brook, or overlooking just a tiny portion of the vastness of the ocean. There’s something about a place. It’s like it’s writing a story of its own with its people and its culture. The landscape is creating a narrative and it invites us to partake. These places, whether natural or formed, have meaning to those who inhabit it and those who wander in.


One of our favorite things to do as we enter a new town, park, or restaurant is to ask a local where their favorite spots are. It’s a joy to get an inside scoop on what to check out.  And one of the coolest parts of doing this is watching people light up about their love for their home town. You can see it in their eyes these places are attached to memories and moments that make them worth the trip. We find ourselves, more often than we should, jumping in the bus headed down a two track- running after a few vague directions from someone we met in the grocery store… and it’s wonderful. There is something about these places whether a great restaurant, a mountain overlook, or a quiet creek that enlivens our souls. It connects us to each other and to these places.


As we have made our way down the east coast, chasing rivers, great views and art shows we have enjoyed seeing lots of the east. We drove a great section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoyed some time on the North Carolina coast, soaking up some sun and surf and have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the mountains. From there we moved west, enjoyed an amazing weekend in the Smoky Mountains with some family and now are currently working on an organic farm near Nashville. And once again we find ourselves in a place that is magical. This 140 acre property is full of plants and wildlife, artwork, and fresh air. We have loved spending time with the owner, hearing his love for this place and its history, the passion for this property and where it’s headed. It has been a joy filled week of 4 wheeler rides, delicious dinners and quiet nights, watching the goats graze in the fields. There is something in this place. Its reminding us of our connectedness to this earth, the beauty in and around us, and the delight of working the garden. It feels like we are tilling the soil of our souls if you will, pulling the weeds of brokenness and being reminded of the beauty of new life. 

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