Who we are…

So some people think were crazy, some people say were stupid and others say we are awesome. I think we are probably a mix of it all. I am Tyler, and with me, comes my wife Shelby and daughter Daisy. We are a family of three chasing a dream to convert and live in a short school bus. I am a lover of all things outdoors- surf, climb, bike, run. If its an adventure i’m in- I cannot stop myself from chasing waves, ripping trails and playing on rocks. It moves me right down to the bone. My heart beats for wild places and my mind is renewed with fresh air and dirt.

Shelby juggles many hats- mother, wife, co-adventurer, artist, business owner, mentor, hostess, people gatherer and sleep lover. Shelby is the all in one package and she does it pretty dang well. She is just about always down for an adventure (hence this ridiculous bus thing) and is an amazingly talented artist. She can take ideas from others or from herself, and magically turn them into beautiful inspiring pieces. She has learned just about everything she knows from her Grams who is a watercolor artist. Shelby is all things creative and typically covered in paint.

And finally we have our sweet Daisy. She is a lover of smiles, chubby as all get out, and a big fan of cheerios and raisins. We literally love her to death and have had the honor of parenting (keeping her alive) for the past 10 months.

Why we do what we do…

So many answers to this question. I’ve worded it different to everyone. Its the culmination of years of pondering, moments of impact, life dreaming, and whimsical thinking. To say we are doing this because of one thing, would cause you to miss it. To start, we love the outdoors and there are too many beautiful people and places and simply not enough time to fully explore them.  So, staying in one place, would be missing out on all that is out there.

Second, in a conversation with a friend we were processing a concept from the Old Testament of the Bible- the Year of Jubilee. This was a year that everyone took off, all debts were forgiven, slaves were set free and the land lay rest. Man, what an amazing practice, to take a break from life, to let the land “rest” and to be set free. Those words pierced my soul, and I felt this thirst for that kind of season. For a season to take a break from traditional living, to explore new places, to try new things, to gain perspective and to practice rest.

Third, we have been privileged to watch and share Shelby’s gift of artwork with a new audience which has taken on a new role in our lives. We cannot believe the support that we have felt from just doing what she loves the most. This has really been on ongoing journey as it began last year after she was working for Starbucks as a barista and painted as a hobby only to be discovered by Starbucks as they decided to print her design on a ceramic tumbler in the U.S. and Canada. Since then its been a fun road of learning what it means to be a full time artist. It allowed her to do her favorite thing first, be a mom to our sweet baby, and paint when time and nap schedules (never consistent) allowed. We are excited to see where this dream takes us as we desire to see as many hidden beautiful places and share them with you through paintings!

Last, it is our attempt to live simply. I know its a cliche used far too often and we don’t believe living simply will solve all of our problems, or make us perfect people by any means. But we would consider it more of a challenge. An attempt to reduce our footprint and see how few things we can live with.

Therefore in a few short weeks our adventure begins, and so we start here with the who and the why. I hope to document the journey, to share thoughts, reflections, stories and tips about family life, road life, art/business life and all the crazy, chaotic and beautiful things in between, but until then.



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